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OREA Standard Form: Do not alter when printing or reproducing the standard pre -set portion. Form 400. 01/2004. Page 1 of 3. Agreement to Lease. Residential ...
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Music hello everyone the Ontario government has released the new Ontario standard form lease that must be used for all new residential leases in Ontario starting April 30th 2018 here are five answers to commonly asked questions number one have the forms been changed for example the areia offer to lease the urea form 400 offer release has been changed to provide that the landlord will provide the Ontario standard form leaks incorporating the terms of the offer lease to the tenant for signature number two what happens if the landlord does not provide the new lease form to detect for new leases after April 30th 2018 if the tenant requests the new lease form and it is not provided within 21 days of the request the tenant can withhold one month's rent in addition if the new lease is not provided within 30 days after the tenant starts withholding rent then the tenant can terminate the lease at any time by giving 60 days notice number three does this apply to existing leases that renew as month-to-month tendencies after April 30th this does not apply to leases signed before April 30th that just renewed as month-to-month tendencies after April 30th 2018 for can you add additional clauses to the new standard form lease the answer is yes for example you can add in a no-smoking clause which can include no smoking of marijuana growing cannabis plants see below in the printed version of this video for a sample no smoking clause for you to consider the next time you are drafting a residential lease agreement number five have the rules changed when you need to move your family back into the rental unit besides waiting until the end of the tenancy a landlord has to give 60 days notice to tend a tenancy if they want to move a member of their immediate family back into the rental unit and also pay one month's rent to the tenant as compensation if a buyer is moving in then no compensation is required but a strategy must be developed to make sure that vacant possession can be given on closing I have assisted on many transaction in developing the necessary strategy to make sure that the agreement closes as scheduled which can include application to the landlord and tenant tribunal in advance or negotiating compensation with the tenants to vacate early at our firm we closed real-estate deals all over the gorg Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario as well as the rest of Ontario and we will come to the client home to sign the closing papers using our mobile signing service if you wish to set up a seminar above residential tendencies at your brokerage or have any questions about a residential tenancy issue or how to set up an agreement involving the sale of a rental property do not hesitate to contact me toll free at 188 eight seven six five five two nine or at Marc at real estate lawyers dot CA thank you Music